Bruce Walker from Playa Chiquita, Costa Rica Hola and hello, my name is Bruce Walker. I was living in the United States, born and raised in the state of Oregon. Lived in California, Arizona and Italy.

One of my goals and dreams has been to start a horse riding business and sharing the Caribbean Ocean and rainforest with others. In 2010, I made my decision. I decided to pack up and move to Costa Rica to make that dream a reality. After visiting the beautiful beaches of Playa Chiquita de Talamanca in Costa Rica. It’s a beautiful community, family oriented and a amazing eco-system. Abundant  with Howler Monkey’s, Toucans, Parrots, Sloths and cutter ants carving their highways through the forest.

Every day I get to see the enjoyment my guests experience during our tours. And to make their dream of riding on the Caribbean Ocean become their reality. To make your vacation just a little more enjoyable come and join me and ride on some of the most breath taking beaches in Costa Rica.

I also work with the local kids here, helping them to learn about horses and tying it in with every day life,their school work and being responsible.
This is not your standard tour. It’s ride to have fun and taking the time to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica.
I don’t wear a watch or worry about the time.
We stop. Take lots of photos.
Have fresh coconut on the beach or Pipa Juice.
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