Our guests love the experience they receive during their riding adventure in Playa Chiquita. Our email system is full of testimonials of folks from around the world happy with their experience. Here are just a few testimonials pulled randomly:

My husband and I had the best time on our ride through the jungle with Bruce on our honeymoon!  We saw monkeys, toucans and a snake and went through canyons and streams, ending up on the beach.  The horses were healthy and we could tell that they are very loved and well taken care of.  A highlight of our trip!

Amy Nadine
Pacific Palisades, CA

Outstanding !!! … Throughout my life I have dreamed of riding horseback on the beautiful open beaches of the Caribbean. Thank you, Bruce, for making my wish come true, and for the lush rain forest ride that followed. I will always remember easily strolling along on “Yorkie”…when all of a sudden we were surrounded by a full colony of circling, fairy butterflies adorned in vivid cobalt blue and velvet black wings. They fluttered in our faces and tickled our senses as they danced and skipped from one sunbeam the next. What an utter delight to experience such memories as these! I wish you a bright and colorful future…Be Blessed, my friend, and may you open a whole new dreamworld for others unlike any they’ve ever imagined…

Rosemary (l’Blaze de Ravenwolf)
Dallas, TX

I really enjoyed meeting you and I can’t wait to get back to P.V. and ride again!!!!


I just wanted to write you a note about my recent trip to Costa Rica this past October. I must say that the highlight of the whole trip was meeting you and taking your horses for a ride down the beach. The beauty of seeing the sunset on horseback gives this experience a whole new meaning. I had a great time and you and your trainer Ariel were great hosts. I’ll be back soon with some fishing equipment and we’ll attempt a horseback/fishing expedition. Hopefully, we’ll be able to have a fish fry for all.

Ed Crupar

Marsha Linn

From face book

I would have definitely given Bruce some money, but as I was not expecting to meet him, the ride was a total surprise! I had ridden a bike to my friends and had not taken any money with me. That’s what made it such an amazing gift..my last day in Punta Uva and Bruce gave me a beautiful ending! Thanks again, Bruce! Life IS awesome!

Kendra Mathews
I was recently in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica celebrating my 31st
birthday and had the distinct pleasure of partaking in the Playa
Chiquita Horseback Tour on the beach & rainforest with Bruce Walker. I
was traveling alone and my vacation consisted of several other
excursions, however, the tour with Bruce was the most personable and
engaging experience during my 7 day stay in Costa Rica.  Not only was
I made to feel comfortable on my horse but Bruce’s extensive knowledge
about the rainforest enriched the tour and added a value second to
none. I was fortunate to be able to take the tour by myself and
selfishly soak up all of Bruce’s wisdom on what felt like a
conversation with a friend on horseback. I highly recommend this
adventure for all travelers who truly want a unique experience that
isn’t rushed or commercial. Thanks Bruce for providing me with a
priceless experience!
Kendrah Mathews / September 2011/ Atlanta, Georgia